How to get your wedding prepared without overspending?

Many couples go to exhibition and start to talk to vendors and book the various services when they feel that the deal is good. Afterwhich, they decided that they want to free themselves from the hassle on D day and engage a WO for the full day or reception only.

This is one of the greatest mistakes that the couples are making and i feel really bad everytime the couple book my services and said that they are not too sure what they have actually book. Many of them who visited exhibitions, are offered various packages and most of it do not necessary fit them, which result in topping up their budgets for things that they have not thought of or having overlapping services provided by 2 vendors.

Party Purrfect strongly advocate that the couple should sit down together to work on a budget. The rough budget can be estimated by building up base on quotations from vendors or determine how much they would like to spend or how much they could afford, before they start their sourcing.

After that, they should source for a really professional and reliable WO to assist them.

In Party Purrfect, whether our customers book us for our reception only, full day WO or full service WO, we provide every couple with a comprehensive vendor checklist so that they could study what are the things they need inside, before they go out to do their sourcing. In that case, they can get an apple to apple comparison from different vendors since they already know what they want.

The amount of money saved would properly be more than enough to offset the WO services that they paid and less the hassle. I think the first thing any couple should have booked is an experienced Professional WO.