How do you go about choosing the special effects for your wedding or event

Being the pioneer in the industry, it saddens us to see that special effects have been abused/overused by too many WOs & Entertainment companies and even MC in Indonesia.

Special effects was originally used in the movie industry to create different effects required for a scene such as explosion, snow, misty fog, cloudy dry ice and ambient lighting to suit the theme. Many special effects software has since taken over many effects required to be created by these specialist.

Special effects have become an increasingly important service used in many weddings to create the desired wedding theme. Unfortunately, many vendors have started to offer inferior quality free as part of their MC or WO or venue or deco services, just for the sake of enticing couples to book their services. They lack the knowledge & idea on how to choreograph the best effects for the wedding couples.

Party Purrfect hopes to educate couples who plan to use special effects in their wedding to consider the following before you part with your money. So here are some of the ways you can checkout your confetti vendor to make sure that you are getting the best for your wedding:

"Where do you get your confetti from"? We believe that the best way is to ask the vendor the origin of their effects. If the company has done many big TV station events, the quality should be reliable. Many vendors here claim that their products are from US or Australia or Canada without being able to provide any official appointment letter or supporting documents. Ask to see their distributorship letter and verify it by checking with their principal website if they are featured as a distributor/partner. Party Purrfect prides ourselves as the only company in Indonesia appointed by Flutter Fetti USA and SEI to distribute 14 USA patented effects in this region, headquartered in Singapore.

"Are any patents awarded for your effects"? So what does having "patents" mean? Patented effects means it is a unique product & the company that produces it has a legal right to produce the products & others are not allowed to copy it without their permisson. Patented products will thus ensure that the effects are of the highest quality. You can easily check if the product is patented by asking the vendor to show you the patent number which is found on the confetti container or launcher. Patented confetti are also flame retardant(which is important for wedding parties where sometimes guests smoke & decorations may include the use of candles & light bulbs). Party Purrfect uses confetti products that are US FDA approved flame retardant, non-toxic, ASTM & CE approved. Party Purrfect uses only patented Confetti Launchers & patented confetti which has a 99% success rate. Beware of vendors try to make their own launchers and customers suffer because the effects cannot shoot out or cannot cover the desired stage.

"Do you give money back guarantee if the effects fail"? 100% money back guarantee is another way to ensure that you get the best quality. If the vendor is able to provide you this guarantee, then it is more likely that they use good quality effects.

Some Additonal Pointers: Ask your confetti vendor if you are able to select the shape, colour & size to match your party theme & decoration. You should also check with your confetti vendors if the confetti & streamers are loaded fully into the launchers. Some vendors load only half the confetti & streamers and maximize their profit by reducing 10% of the price. The next time you order, just take a look at the fillings in the launchers to find out. Refrain from using disposable confetti canons that are unreliable (they have a 50% chance of failing) & are made up of cheap, inferior quality paper randomly cut & stuffed inside.