Unusual Trend in wedding industry is bad for future customers

Lately, a trend has emerged where decorators, venue/catering and even some hotels are offering wedding organizer services in their packages. While certain vendors may compliment wedding organizer (WO) services, conflict of interest arises when the WO is also a major vendor like venue/catering or decorator.

Why? Firstly, the WO should be a neutral party because it has a duty to assist the pengantin in sourcing for the best vendors and to conduct quality control checking on the vendors' product and services on Hari H. The WO, in a position of conflict, may not be able to be fully objective & this may result in compromising the quality of the vendors. In order to please everybody, the WO may have to open one eye and keep the other one closed, so to speak.

While some pengantin may be enticed into getting a whole package from venues or catering that includes WO services in their package, we highly recommend that they do not do so for the above reasons. The WO owes a duty to the pengantin & the pengantin alone.

An analogy for this type of package is akin to investing in a toothless tiger to guard your property and assets.