Q : Where is Party Purrfect from? Are you familiar with Indonesian weddings?  
A : We originated in Singapore & started our service in Jakarta in 2002, A few years ago, in 2007 & 2008 alone, we have handled more than 300 weddings in Indonesia. We specialise in cross border weddings. If you are Indonesian & live or work in Singapore or Malaysia, we can meet you in Jakarta, Penang & Singapore. We do not charge for this special service. From our knowledge, at the moment we are the only WO company in Jakarta that can do so. 

Q : There are many other WOs. Why should I choose Party Purrfect? 
A : We are a reputable International Company with offices in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. Our professional team specialises in cross border weddings and we understand the different cultures. We have been in this business for more than 12 years! We have the experience to advise & handle all your wedding needs. 

Q : I saw Party Purrfect from Web portals & I want to know more about your products & services. 
A : Party Purrfect has a several services: 
1) WO & EO, 
2) MC & Music Entertainment 
3) Special Effects

Q : We plan to get married, but do not know where to start. Can you help? 
A : At Party Purrfect, we provide a comprehensive vendor checklist when you book our WO services. In it, you will find everything that you need to prepare for your wedding. Our customers have told us that the checklists have been very helpful to them & have save them money & time in their sourcing. You can also email or call us anytime if you need any advice. 

Q: You have a few packages, which package is the best for me? 
A: The best package for you will depend on your needs & we have several packages covering different items. However, the best value for money is our WO packages which include WO, Entertainment & Special Effects

Q : I would like to book a Wedding Package with Party Purrfect. When should I book?

A: You should book with us as soon as possible. As we handle all weddings personally, we are not able to take more than 2 weddings on any given day.