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Jairus and Serenita, Pemberkatan in Bogor 7 Aug and Wedding Reception in Suncity 8 Aug 2010

Dear Eddy, Wendy and the rest of PP team,

Thank you again for making our wedding so magical. Unlike initial negative comments from our friends, we actually really enjoyed our wedding. The wedding went so smooth, we cannot complain about anything.
The very first thing that made I and Seren sure about choosing the right WO was your planning and budgeting process. You could really get us the best value out of our budget. WO team performance on D day was unbelievably helpful, I and Seren could basically just turn up and you guys handle and prepare everything. And who on earth can teach us how to dance in 15 minutes if it's not Eddy and Wendy. Seren has always dreamed about dancing on her wedding day since she could ever remember, you made it possible for us.
We love the surprise gift from Seren's brother who couldn't come to the wedding, thank you for making it happen. It was really the best day of our life. We love your special effects, we love your hands on WO teams. And Wendy, you were an excellent multilingual MC.
We would really recommend Party Purrfect to all couples that wants to enjoy their wedding day, worry free D day execution and more value out of their budget. We are glad that we picked Party Purrfect.
Best regards,
Jairus and Serenita

Soegeng and Okta 17 July Menara Peninsula Hotel

Spectacular Team
Dear Eddy, Wendy and Team, Party Purrfect- Our Wedding Organizer, Multi-lingual MC, Entertainment, Special Effects, Projector and ballroom dance performances We are very happy and satisfied with you and your team in managing and performance in organizing in my big day and we would like to express our gratitude for your all spectacular performance and great job to make our wedding happen become most amazing party we ever had. Certainly will recommend to all our families and friends to using your service if in that case they have held wedding party. Thanks again for your all great performance and wonderful job. Thanks for everything Warmest regards,
Soegeng & Okta

Emmanuel & Alexis, 27 June S'porean & Indonesian wedding- Crown Plaza Hotel S'pore

Wedding Organizer, MC, Entertainment, Special Effects, dance choreography and ballroom dance performance by Party Purrfect Team. Dear Mr Eddy & Ms Wendy, thank you so much for everything, really appreciate it. GBU.

Taufiq n Renita, 30th May in Balai Samudera

WO, MC, Special Effects & Multimedia Screens.
Dear Party Purrfect, Thank you for your service on our wedding day (May 30th 2010). It was a great day thanks to you and will be an excellent start for our new life as a family. Party Perfect (you should change your name to this, because that's what you do actually, hehehe...) really did their job, which is not to let the bride and groom and all the family members, to worry AT ALL. The WO will worry for us, hehehe.. The quality of the services are very nice:
1. The special effects were amazing
2. We had a very good dance tutor (Mr Eddy and Ms Wendy) that can teach us how to dance in like only 20 minutes.
3. The WO they have a very big heart and patience to handle a large crowd (guests and family) that sometimes can be very 'cruel' (hehehe..)
We're very satisfied with Party Purrfect, and we will be a happy family because we had a great start thanks to Party Purrfect. Party Purrfect is excellent (this word also comes from our parents). So thank you very much..
You know what, all of our friends are extremely surprised because we have no "worry face" 3 days before D day and on the D day. Because we know we're ready and we have all the preparations that were done and we knew all things that were there or weren't, and we know that you guys will handle everything on the D day. So what else we need to worry. That's what our friends from the 'high level' WO told us, the difference between you guys and the other WOs. That Party purrfect won't let us worry about ANYTHING on the D day, and you guys proved it. So thanks guys, really.
Sorry for my English, if we wrote something and you guys get it the wrong way, but FYI, we will write the truth about the quality of Party Purrfect.
Warm regards,
Taufiq and Renita

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